Results from the PIDCOCK TRIAL No.2   14-05-22

Photos by Scott

Photos by John Dawkins

Next Trial: We now move onto our Pidcock Summer Series of 5 trials which are held at Clifton Trials Land on Saturday evenings and all starting at 16.00 hours (4pm) prompt.

Dates:- 11th June, 16th July and 20th August.

These trials include classes for Hard (Red) Route, 50/50 (Red/Yellow) Route, Easier (Yellow) Route and Fun Route.A three route course will be set as normal.

Feedback: The club would appreciate any positive or negative feedback from those attending today’s trial so that it can be considered for improving future events. Email: btuxford@btinternet.com 

Billy Craig 2019 Pidcock Expert Champion and Steve Hitchcock 2019 Pidcock Twinshock Champion